QEC Future Plan

Future Plans

  1. Collection of Self Assessment Proformae from all the Departments for review and analysis. Furthermore, the compiled information would be submitted to HEC.
  2. A Seminar/workshop on “Role and responsibilities of Program Team” would be organized.
  3. Initiating phase -II of Self Assessment process, QEC will review and finalize Self Assessment Report subject to receipt of relevant information from all the Departments of the University.
  4. Preparation of relevant documents enlisted in the HEC Performance Evaluation Standard for the HEIs for pilot study to be under taken by HEC review team.
  5. Plan and schedule the Assessment Team visit with the coordination of all departments of the University.
  6. Submission of executive summary regarding Assessment Team finding to the worthy Vice Chancellor.
  7. Conduct Seminars on Self Assessment Mechanism and Quality Assurance .

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