About QEC

Quality Enhancement Cell (Q.E.C) is established under the umbrella of Q.A.A of H.E.C to enhance, maintain and monitor quality of higher education. In Quaid – i – Azam University, Islamabad the Q.E.C has been established in 2010.


Achieving excellence in quality education environment through implementation of standardized procedures and best practices in learning and research leading to quality culture to be permeated in all work process of the university.


Implementation of a viable and sustainable mechanism of Quality Assurance in educational aspects of the

Quaid-i-Azam University in order to meet the rising challenges of transforming the country into a knowledge economy.


About QEC

  • Maintaining and enhancing the academic rigor and professional relevance of undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • Improving the range, depth and international recognition of research and scholarly activities.
  • Ensuring appropriate standards, relevance and imparting of values to the satisfaction of the community and the nation.
  • Providing systems for an efficient and effective utilization of the academic and research resources of the university.
  • Collection of department-wise data as the bench mark.
  • Assess the current status of educational quality at departmental level.
  • Analysis of data and formulation of recommendation in consultation with concerned Head/Chairperson/Incharge of department.

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