What are the aims of the Quality Enhancement Cell in QAU?

The QEC at QAU is committed to continuous improvement. It focuses on developing a ‘quality’ culture in higher education in the university. It aims to regularly assess and review the performance of academic programs in the university based on the national and international parameters of quality and excellence in teaching and research. The QEC would help the departments in preparing Self Assessment Reports of academic programs in accordance with the guidelines given by the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is the planned and systematic review process of an institution or program to determine whether or not acceptable standards of education, scholarship and infrastructure are being met, maintained and enhanced.

What is the Self Assessment?

Self Assessmentis an assessment conducted by the department itself to assess whether programs meet their educational objectives and outcomes with the purpose to improve program’s quality and enhancing students’ learning.

What is the role of the Program Team?

The Program Team collects and records data on various aspects of the academic programs as and when required by the QEC

What is the role of the Assessment Team?

The Assessment Team visits departments to assess and evaluate administrative and academic programs in accordance with the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission.

What is Quality Assurance Agency?

The Quality Assurance Agency is established at the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. It is responsible to improve and monitor the quality of higher education in Pakistan. It provides guidelines to institutions of higher education for quality enhancement through external and internal assessment reports developed at Quality Enhancement Cells located at different universities in the country.

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